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Aviv, First of the Ethenian prophets
Personal information
Character Name: Aviv the Blind
  • The Blind Prophet
  • The Revered Knight
Race: Human
Subrace: Thessalion
Class: Fighter/Cleric
Religion: Ethenaism

Aviv was the First of Ethena's captains and heir to The Grand Cathedral when Ethena was martyred.


When Aviv had first met Ethena, he has afflicted with The Blinding Sickness, a fairly rare afflication in the area. Ethena showed mercy upon him and cured his disease by laying her hands upon his eyes. This behavior was extremely rare in Thessal at the time, as the temple priests would charge hefty fees for curing diseases.

Immensely grateful, Aviv asked how he could repay Ethena's kindness. Ethena's request was that he live out the remainder of his life in the service of The Creator. Aviv left Laencaster and began preaching of The Creator.

Soon after Aviv's departure, he began to receive messages and images from The Herald of the Most Divine, making him the second Ethenaian prophet. However, Aviv kept very quiet about the images and visions at first.

He traveled out of Laencaster and traveled from town to town, in a pattern that Aviv was unaware of at the time. His moved from town and left only a few days before Ethena arrived, and he effectively prepared the area for Ethena to enter the town during The Pilgrimage.

When Ethena was called to march on The Grand Summit during The Exalted March, Aviv also received the same command and he met Ethena for the second time. Pleased by his work, Ethena named him her first captain. After The March and during the founding of The Grand Cathedral, Aviv retained his title and became the inquisition's first captain. After's Ethena's martyr, he inherited the title of Knight Commander.