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The city of Cerl is a notable city in Echia and is the county seat of Cerlihid County. It is the home of Brendan Ciardhas.

During the Hundred-Year-War, Gerant Carlyle led a company of nearly 300 Echians against a Battalion of over 500 Kaeylite soliders that was supposedly led by a demon. Carlyle and his men were came out victorious, reputedly because of Carlyle’s leadership.

After the battle, Carlyle declared that the site of the battle was too strategic to lose and ordered his men to fortify the area. Soon, non-combatants from the surrounding areas began to move to the area and assisted in the construction and took up residence. Thus, the city of Cerl was founded.

After the Kaeylites were routed, King Owen Ivor named Brendan Ciardhas as the noble for this county and Count Ciardhas moved into the city. Note having much interest in the governing of a city, he established the city council, comprised of four councilmen called patriars. Despite the presence of this council, Ciardhas remains the authority in all of the county and thus his commands overrule anything ordered by the council.


Regional Noble: Count Brendan Ciardhas

City Government

Though Brendan Ciardhas lives in Cerl, he mostly leaves the governing of the city of Cerl to his four appointed city nobles, which he calls the Patriars. Each patriar has an equal vote, and a majority vote is required to pass a motion (patriars can also abstain from a motion.)

The Council