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The powerful expansionist empire of the south.
National information
Proper Name: The Corvenian Empire
Capital: Grand Corven
Population: Approx. 25 million
  • Human (Corvenian) 68%
  • Human (other) 7%
  • Rock Dwarf 8%
  • Elf (Kyladian) 14%
  • Others 4%
Government: Oligarchy
Language: Corvenian (others by Princely State)
Major Cities:
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
Imports: Numerous
Exports: Numerous
Religions: Corvenian Paganism, Others by Princely State
Allies: Kyladia
Rivals: Thessal

Basic Information

The Corvenian Empire is a vast nation that consists of both a mother land, and several princely states surrounding it. It is a largely diverse and inclusive region and is widely accepted to be Fallen Kingdom's super power, although some might argue that Kyladia has greater military power, and Thessal would more than likely be able to hold their borders against an invasion.

Corvenia is notoriously always planning and scheming to expand their borders, be that through the use of diplomacy - by adding smaller regions of other nations as princely states - or by war.

Corvenians are a sophisticated and decadent people. They treasure their education system, being one of the few nations that successfully educate the masses. Lavish imports brought in from all around the region makes it easy to simply have the best of everything and what they don't have, they have enough national currency to import.