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Gerant Carlyle
Founder of Cerl
Personal information
Character Name: Gerant Carlyle
Race: Human
Subrace: Echian
Class: Fighter
Date of Birth: 579/08/07
Date of Death: 634/05/22
Religion: Echian Paganism
Residence: Cerl, Echia

Gerant Carlyle was a sub-cheiftain of the Freydon Clan and had become famous for his involvement during The Hundred-Year-War by leading a battle against a Kaeylite war party that was reputably led by a demon. After the battle, Carlyle founded the city of Cerl on the site of the battle by ordering his men to began constructing the fort that is today known as Old-Fort. After the war, Carlyle was knighted by Brendan Caridhas and he became a legend in area.

Recently, Sir Carlyle was slain by adventurers and Commander Lìosa MacLiuthar after a mysterious demonic transformation after a failed assassination attempt on Founder's Day in Cerl.