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Frozen country of the north populated by the great boatman and savage warriors.
National information
Proper Name: The Dominion of Kaeyl
Capital: Rostfar
Population: Approx. 2 million
  • Human (Kaeylite) 86%
  • Human (other) 1%
  • Dwarf (Kaeylite) 5%
  • Elf (Wild) 6%
  • Others 2%
Government: Fuedal Monarchy
Leader: Algar the Great
Language: Kaeylite
Major Cities: TBD
Religions: Kaeylite Patheos
Rivals: Echia, Orcan Hold

The Dominion of Kaeyl

On the North-Eastern side of the Inner Sea is the frozen country of the Kaeyl, populated by great boatman and savage warriors who subsist themselves mostly on raiding the coasts of nearby nations and returning their ill-gotten goods home.

Physical and Historical Features

Climate and Geography

The peninsula of Kaeyl is mostly a frozen tundra. The south end of the Frostmounts protrudes into northern half of Kaeyl’s territory (though the actual border is disputed with Orcan Hold,) it only adds to the icey nature of the region.

Natural Resources

The coastlines of Kaeyl offer a somewhat abundance of crabs and fish and there is also a decent amount of lumberable trees throughout the region. Though if Kaeyl only had one industry, it would be mining. The southern tip of the Frostmounts do offer a wealth of gold, iron and coal deposits, hence why the region is so heavily contested with Orcan Hold.


Kaeyl’s frozen climate is host to many animals that are suitable adapted to the cold. There are several breeds of bear throughout the area, along with moose, caribou, goats, bison and sheep.

Several types of fish are found around the coast and in the rivers throughout Kaeyl. Orcas hunt in the shallow seas around the coast as well. Seals and Walruses can also sometimes be seen on the beaches during the summer. In the winter they migrate the warmer regions.

About the skies are several birds-of-prey, including owls, eagles and falcons. Ravens, cranes and ducks are also frequent.


Most of Kaeyl’s history is not officially documented, instead it is kept in an oral tradition, which makes most other people believe that the truth is heavily skewed. It doesn’t help that most of their “historical record” involves their warlords being born from dragons and other such nonsense. As if that could happen.

People and Culture

Kaeylites show great loyalty to their clans and their station (except for those determined by heredity) is mostly determined by the ability of a man to provide for their clan. A strong warrior able to lead raids would be given more status that a lesser warrior. A healer or soothsayer might also be given great status if they provide well with their profession.

It isn't all about physical prowess. If a farmer is able to provide great yields from a harvest, then he would also be revered among his people. Unfortunately, their landscape doesn't much provide for such a profession and since raiding and pillaging are the only way they see themselves to provide for their clans, physical prowess tends to be the most coveted attribute among them.

Their religion consists of mostly of a bunch of warrior-gods that they believe lend their wisdom to warriors during battle. Of course, these gods tend to fight among themselves as much as Kaeylites fight others.


The Dominion of Kaeyl follows a governmental system that is essentially a fuedal monarchy. Algar the Great is the warlord that leads the Kaeylite nation and under him are many chieftains that lead thousands of clans. They usually decide among themselves who and where they will raid, with the exception of when the dominion is at war. Then they form up to create collective armies, such as the case during the Hundred-Year-War when they invaded Echia.