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Kyladians are also known as Red Elves, nick-named after their red hair, which is a dominant trait among them. Their kingdom, Kyladia is across the bay to the South-East of Echia.

Red Elves earned their names after their hair, which is notoriously red. Some Red Elves have brown and blond hair, but Red Hair is very dominant among them. The females tend to flaunt their hair, growing it long, dressing it up and adorning it. They recognize their hair as the thing that separates them apart from other races (Moon Elves are known for this same trait, but Red Elves are more notorious for it.) Red Elves are the tallest of the elves, but are still shorter than the average human. The average Red Elf stands 5-foot-four and has a slender build. Their ears, like all elves, are long and pointed and the rest of their facial features tend to be pointed as well, but not so pointed as their ears.

The Proud and Pure

The Kyladians are, by most other races’ accounts, the most arrogant of any of the races. Where others would use the word arrogant to describe a Red Elf, they themselves might use the word proud. Red Elves believe that they are responsible for preserving the elven culture. They also believe that elves (all elves, not just Kyladians) are the most superior race in the world. All elves are considered equal to them and, in fact, they consider other elves – the Moon Elves and the Valihideen – as their brothers and sisters.

Technologically Advanced and Educated

While a lot of magic is in their history - at one time, they were famed for their magical prowess - they have long abandoned it and now prefer technological and martial skills. Though their culture may have moved away from magic, old tomes about the old “elven high magic” can still be found if you know where to look for them. Today, they actually have the least magical ability of all the elves.

Instead of magic, Kyladia's trade goods are what earn them their reputation. The merchants from around the continent soak up Kyladian merchandise and sell it back in their home town and the wealthy purchase it at extraordinary mark-ups.

A Life of Decadence

A Kyladian's life is full of sophistication. Their strong education has built them a strong economy, which has built them a strong military. Kyladia quickly became the continental superpower. During the 100-Year-War, no nation had the nerve to even so much as threaten Kyladia. The Kyladians simply stayed behind their borders as the world tore itself apart. They were not without heart, though. Kyladia dispatched a lot of humanitarian aid to war-struck regions and attempted to end the wars diplomatically. Even so, many claim that Kyladians didn't do enough and think them either too cowardly or pompous to act in a time of need.