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Regional Languages

  • Echian: The language of the Echian Freeman.
  • Kyladian: The language of Kyladia, home of the Red Elves.
  • Kaeylite: The language of Kaeyl.
  • Nygian: The language of Nygia.
  • Thessalion: The language of Thessal.
  • Koyrian: The ancient language of Koyr.
  • Corvenian: The language of Corvenia.

Racial Languages

  • Valihideen: Tribal language of the Valihideen.
  • Giant: Language of ogres and giants.
  • Orcish: Guttural language of goblins and orcs.
  • Draconic: Spoken by dragons and the supposed dragonkin, such as kobolds.

Exotic Languages*

  • Abyssal: The language of demons and other abyssal denizens.
  • Celestial: The language of angels and other celestial creatures.
  • Druidic: The language of the druids. (Druid only)
  • Infernal: The language of devils and other hellish creatures.
  • Sylvan: The language of fey.

* These languages cannot be chosen as bonuses for race or background. They must either be rewarded as specific boon from a class ability that rewards the specific language (such as the druid's Druidic or ranger's favored enemy) or rewarded with the linguist feat.