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Corvenian Empire, The Powerful expansionist empire.
Echia War-born island nation still in its infancy.
Kaeyl Frozen country of the north populated by the great boatman and savage warriors.
Koyr Vast and largely unexplored plains inhabited by nomadic horsemen.
Kyladia The sophisticated home of the Kyladians - also known as the Red Elves.
Nygia A nation carved out of an exodus of half-orcs from Kaeyl and birth-place of The Path
Orcan Hold The frozen wasteland bordering Kaeyl to the north, inhabited by the Ice Orcs.
Thessal The highly religious kingdom where Ethenaism was born.


Black Lions, The The iniquistion of Sister Helen's Church.
Highland Clansmen, The The roaming free people of Echian highlands.
Sister Helen's Church A powerful Ethenian church in Cerl, Echia
The Baltair Company A mercenary organization that operates from Cerl, Echia


Book of Ethena, The A recounting, in brief, of the events that began Ethenaism.
Hundred-Year-War, The The world was torn asunder about 20 years ago in a world war.


Echian Paganism The way of the Echian dwyr, a polytheistic religion worshiping more gods than could possibly be counted.
Ethenaism Fashionable religion inspired by Ethena's teachings.
The Path Rigid code of life in which one most thrive, above all things, to fulfill your purpose.
Kaeylite Patheos Stories of the ancient warrior-gods instill wisdom to help you defeat your enemies.


Aviv the Blind Aviv, First of the Ethenian prophets
Ethena General, religious leader and prophet from Thessal, founder member of Ethenaism.

Customizations (5e)

Modifications to the SRD / Core Rules.

Races The races in Fallen Kingdoms are a little different
Classes New classes and/or archetypes of existing classes
Backgrounds Background thematic to Fallen Kingdoms
Languages Languages of the realms - some rules modifications here, too.
Spells Additional spells!