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Once upon a time, Moon Elves held and governed their own great nation. This nation remained isolated from all the others. There was no trade, no assistance, no war and no political fraternizing with other nations of any kind. This isolation was their greatest strength because they remained off the radar of other nations – few knew much, if anything, about them - and the moon elves were also affected by plagues and afflictions only mildly. This isolation was also their greatest weakness, because when the Shadow Orcs invaded during The Hundred-Year War, they had no allies to fall back on. Their magic was strong, but the ferocity of the Orcs was stronger. The Moon Elves fell like wheat in their onslaught.

Today, Moon Elves are descendants of the survivors of this conflict and are the least in number of all the races. They live among other races (mostly other elves, but also sometimes humans) and cling onto their legacy of strong magical affinity. Moon Elves have the highest rate of children born with magical power of all the races.

Moon Elves have either Blue, White, Silver or Black hair. They tend to grow it long, adorn it or otherwise flaunt it. Their eyes are almost always dark blue, some also have golden or white flecks. The average Moon Elf stands 5-foot-two and has a slender build. They like clothes and tend to dress themselves in the most expensive robes they can afford. Many also like tattoos, face paint, and body piercings. Their ears, like all elves, are long and pointed and the rest of their facial features tend to be pointed as well, but not so exaggerated as their ears.