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The City of Ceimond
The former independent city-state
National information
Proper Name: The City of Ceimond
Capital: Ceimond
Population: Approx. 200,000
  • Human (Corvenian) 68%
  • Human (other) 7%
  • Rock Dwarf 8%
  • Elf (Kyladian) 14%
  • Others 4%
Government: Monarchy
Language: Corvenian
Imports: Numerous
Exports: Minerals, precious gems
Religions: Corvenian Paganism

Ceimond was recently acquired into The Corvenian Empire. Their rule accepted rule under the Imperial Lord in exchange for medical aid and supplies from the empire and other assistance against The Plague.

Physical and Historical Features

Climate and Geography

Ceimond was built on either the Ceimond River. Some people affectionately call Ceimond "BridgeTown" due to the numerous bridges to extend across the river. Mt. Relyan to the east is an easily visible feature from almost anywhere in the city.

Natural Resources

Within a few miles of Ceimond are rich mines filled with several mineral and gem deposits. Ceimond's general wealth is relatively high do the the exportation of these highly coveted items throughout the Empire and Kyladia.


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The Government of Ceimond is a republican monarchy. The King rules over the city. The city itself is divided into eight "octants," each of which has a ruling house over it. The houses are responsible for watching out for the people and businesses in their octant. They report their needs and requests to the king who arbitrates all final decisions.