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Scholars dispute whether The Path is actually a religion or not. Some would consider it a set of philosophies or even a way of life rather than a proper religion. This is because The Path lacks a belief in the afterlife and deities. Some of the less informed believe it is possible to follow The Path while still being a member of another religion. This is technically not possible because the path expressly forbids the belief in deities.

Tenants of Faith

The Path's principle philosophy is that every person and everything in the world has a function and that all these functions come together to form a greater order - an order that can't be seen unless you submit yourself entirely to The Path.

While other belief systems, for example, may find that a plague of locusts as a curse or punishment from a god or gods, a follower of The Path instead views the locusts as performing their function. A plague may starve off a fraction of the population, but that only means that a fraction of the population needed to starve. The locusts, performing their function well, can be even more honorable than even the greatest hero.

It is this type of thinking that often gives a follower of The Path an image of being cold and even emotionless.

For example, some Path Walkers choose to be raised as soldiers from a very young age. They are expected to be strong, disciplined, and stoic, adhering without fail to the tenets of honor and duty as defined in by The Path. Fanatical in this devotion, the Path Walkers are prepared to wage war throughout their entire lives as part of their attempts to "enlighten" others in regards to their philosophy.


  1. It is forbidden to kill because you then deny your victim's ability to serve their function. There are exceptions to this rule;
    • It is acceptable to kill as punishment to a crime. Especially when that crime perverts the function of another person or their own.
    • It is acceptable to hunt animals, but only for food or other uses. It is forbidden to kill for sport.
    • It is acceptable to kill in defense of yourself, your family, your allies or your political leaders. It is always considered your function to protect these people.
    • It is acceptable to kill in a war, especially when that war is in defense or expansion of your homeland or to bring more people to The Path.
  2. Slavery is expressly forbidden. It is more honorable to take a person’s life than their freedom.
  3. Belief in deities is forbidden.
  4. A person’s function must be determined by the person him or herself. Outside influence is forbidden.